The Unimaginable vs Hope

The unimaginable perishes in the face of hope. And there is always hope.

Hope for a united Europe that goes beyond the Prut river, beyond the Danube, beyond the Bug river.

Hope for a Europe that does not overlook the mistakes and misfortunes of its past, but strives to fix them and learn from them, so we can truly achieve that most important and fragile European dream: that dream of never again.

Hope for the reunification of Moldova and Romania within this brave, new, united and historically astute Europe.


#rEUnification #Moldova & #Romania #BetterTogether #4aStrongerEurope #11Novembre #RemembranceDay2018 #Armistice100 #Lestweforget

#RemembranceDay2018 #Armistice100 #11Novembre #Romania #Moldova #rEUnification

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