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Lest we forget. Moldova belongs with EU

2nd March 1992: 27 years since the official beginning of the war in Transnistria.

It was at this moment that a Russian policy towards the “near abroad” emerged. The cornerstone of this policy was “peace-keeping” through continuous Russian involvement in the region with the purpose of keeping it within Kremlin’s sphere of influence. The same pattern of conflict and involvement through “peace-keeping” can be observed in the cases of Moldova, Georgia and Tajikistan.

The Russian intervention aimed to keep Moldova within Kremlin’s sphere of influence, preventing the natural reunification with Romania and creating a long-term obstacle to European integration.

By allowing the frozen conflict in Transnistria to be an obstacle in Moldova’s European path, we are doing nothing but playing Russia’s game.

#Moldova2is4EU #rEUnification #LestWeForget

#Transnistria #lestweforget #EuropeanUnion #reunification

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